Wedding in Venice

The last wedding I did was what I call The wedding of the year! it was such an amazing and magical wedding. Complete with a Castle, antique car, and in one of the most beautiful cities of the world, Venice!  I really enjoyed doing the Makeup and Hair of the gorgeous bride as well as 4 other guests.  Yes, I flew all the way from Costa Rica for this wedding, cause that's what the bride wanted! :)  I was honoured and enjoyed  the experience immensely.  

Beach-Dress for sale!

Tea'Lia is a light, beautiful, transformable beach dress to wear over your bathing suit or as a top with shorts. 

Get creative, choose your colour and wear it wherever and however you please!  

Comes in; Red, blue, turquoise, purple, fuchsia, grey, dark green, bright green, yellow and orange.

Contact me with your order; Call 84894328 or send me an email in the contact me section! Only $15 a piece.

Weddings in Costa Rica

Weddings in Costa Rica

If you are looking for a location to get married to make your fairy tale wedding a reality come to Costa RIca! There are so many amazing, stunning, gorgeous locations that will leave you breathless! Villa Caletas in Punta Leona is one of my favorites! with it's amphitheater on the hill overlooking the sea and the most gorgeous sunsets you'd ever seen, it's simply magical. 

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